Fresh & New!

So an official thanks to whoever actually searched for “tv on the brain” to find this blog. That warms my little heart. But the best searched term is still NCIS plus another word, which I won’t type because I don’t want to be deceiving to those folks.

Beauty & the Geek– Is it bad that I can only remember 2 of the beauties’ names? Yes, this is still why this cast wasn’t the best. But I’m rooting for Chris and whatever his beauty is named. Or Matt and Leticia.

Today is Thursday. The night of TV. So much to choose from, my Tivo can’t take it. Actually part of it has to do with everyone wanting to run their programs one to three minutes over, thereby negating the dual tuner. I bite my thumb at you, responsible parties. Fine then, I’ll just watch what I miss online. Meanwhile, I had to adjust the setting on both 30 Rock and The Office, just for this week so I can also record CSI…simply for the Mythbusters. The Mythbusters have the greatest job in the world, next to TV journalism. They build stuff and then blow it up. Awesome.


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