The wheel is turning…

but the hamster is still asleep. Did anyone else catch a glimpse of Mythbusters Jamie & Adam during the CSI promo? I paused and rewind twice, but I haven’t been sleeping enough, or watching CSI, so I’m wondering if I dreamed that. Definitely Tivoing CSI this week.

NCIS– again CBS promo department, leave a little more to the imagination eh? Oh, I might have to rant about the end of this season. I feel it a’coming on.

HIMYM– LOVE the little hints dropped right and left. You really have to be listening. I like that Barney actually felt guilt. So now all we need is Stella actually on camera and a Robin Sparkles comeback.

Big Bang– The geekier the episode, the harder I laugh. Loved how they played along in the time machine. Which reminds me of…

Jo’s casting coups- Sheldon & Penny need to end up on a Beauty & the Geek type show, I’m fully in line with Ausiello in that if there is that horrible idea of an Office spinoff, the comedic genuis Lauren Graham needs to be on it, and a little blonde Texan blogger named Jo needs to be cast on My Boys as Bobby’s new gf who is so much like PJ it scares everyone.

If we say this enough times, it’ll happen right?


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