A Nice OTH rant

You should probably mark this day down. I’m about to say nice things about One Tree Hill. I finally caught up this weekend on the last two episodes. Well, not all good things. HA.

The positive:

  • less Victoria, more Dan. Let’s keep our evil old school
  • Deb is back. Huzzah! Hide the liquor

The negative:

  • Jamie. I know, I know. I’m supposed to enjoy the cute kid but blah to kid actors.
  • The whole “Brooke wants a baby” storyline…
  • I miss Skillz having a girlfriend

Now, the first episode back from the Surprise! Non wedding, was all artsy like. Cuts between each of the major characters getting advice and responding in similar ways. Hence the title being something about echoes, yadda yadda. The artsy stuff makes me laugh, because um, it’s *One Tree Hill*. This is not ground breaking tv. But props for trying something different. I was about to be mad about Brooke’s final speech changing the mind of the social worker (which would’ve been yet another cliche’) however, I like the compromise. As long as she doesn’t try to keep this kid. The MTV kid is nice to look at so I wouldn’t mind him staying around.

Now for the really funny to me part. Peyton. I’ve admited, though never revealed why, that Peyton is my favorite even though her character has two modes- moody and giddy. I admit her character is weak, but Hilarie Burton is so hyper in person, I just like Peyton. This week, Peyton’s recurring yoda- Max the record store owner- returned to give her a sounding board. There’s always been this weird, underlying hint of chemistry between Peyton and Max, which makes sense because they bond over music and a hard knocked life, but it’s still kinda creepy because he’s easily twelve years older than her. OH and the fact that Max is played by executive producer Mark Schwahn. So Max & Peyton sharing screen time makes me giggle because I wonder if anyone else on that set notices the weird screen chemistry between Peyton and HER BOSS.


One response to “A Nice OTH rant

  1. I just started watching OTH this year. I had a baby and got hooked while nursing on the reruns on SoapNet. Funny, I totally agreed with everything you said! I loved about Dan and keeping the evil Old School — too true! I actually think he’s my favorite character. And I agree about the kid, although I feel guilty about it!

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