Saturdays are for TV and naps.

Just as I discover my love of BBC’s Robin Hood, turns out BBC America is airing the show. Too bad I don’t get that channel.

Turns out the fluff filler Beauty and the Geek episode was worth watching. They made over the scruffiest geek who missed the make over episode and while he didn’t turn out as super hot as geek Wes, he definitely looked much better and almost like an entirely different person.

Ugly Betty is hilarious. I think I can honestly say I’m glad I don’t write for them though. The pace of a telenovela astounds me.

While I’ve been carefully avoiding spoilers for a handful of shows, I still love spoilers. Imagine my excitement to find some spoilers for MY BOYS! on GMMR. Seriously, I am PJ. Except PJ has a much better job. But if I could be PJ, I would be. She talks like me, she acts like me. The show, besides being a delightful comedy, is like a moment of psychological reflection. I could write a dissertation on why if PJ and Brendo were real people, they would never end up together. Because I have my own Brendo. And I’m in love with Bobby. If the lovely folks at TBS need some blog love for My Boys, be sure I’m all over that. Or if you need a “PJ clone” to pose as a girlfriend for Bobby or Brendo, I’m available. Immediately. For Free. I hope the success of Big Bang won’t limit our Trouty time though.

Speaking of Big Bang, how hilarious would it be for a little cross over like action if Penny and Sheldon both got cast on Beauty and the Geek?

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