Breath a Sigh for Friday

Who knew Amazon did interviews? But they did..with new SNL featured cast member Casey Wilson…formerly known on this blog as “the new chick”.

BSG Tonight! Big things revealed, says the promo? Could it be a Cylon outing? Could it be the Final Cylon? Will Kara finally crack? Will Anders profess his undying love of a Earth girl called Jo? Oh but Ausiello has cool news. Everybody’s favorite number Six is gonna be on Burn Notice! As to my boy Anders, it’s possible his alter ego, Michael Trucco, is also a Cylon.

So The Office is rocking the awkwardly funny scale. I didn’t think Dinner Party can be topped, but last night’s came pretty close. Ryan’s on drugs? Dunder Mifflin really needs some new HR personnel because the only sane manager is apparently David Wallace. Toby?! Oh my goodness, I couldn’t not get over Jim’s stare at Toby’s hand. SO funny. Can’t believe he cleared that fence so fast. Favorite line…Andy: “Who thinks me and Angela are a better couple than Jim and Pam?!” So yes Jim’s a slacker and doesn’t always think things through, but the fact that he’s carrying a ringbox in his pocket says to me that he’s serious when it comes to Pam.

30 Rock was also funny in a weird way. I’m sure the last few minutes was a montage to some famous movie sequence I should’ve seen before. I’ll have to look it up on Wikipedia later I guess. Great to see Dr. Spacemen again, but where is the Floydster?


2 responses to “Breath a Sigh for Friday

  1. I loved watching Ryan’s hint of a smile when Michael said “TDB.” I had to rewatch that scene a few times. This was a great Dwight episode. I loved the fact that he thought Ryan had a bladder infection and couldn’t figure out he was on drugs.

  2. Oh and I need more Kelly! I loved her 2 lines-they were the funniest of the whole show.

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