An obligatory Wednesday post

NCIS was highly clever last night, though I confess I don’t fully understand the meaning of the ending. I mean, I have my suspicions based on what Gibbs actually saw, but still. Meanwhile, THANKS CBS PROMOTIONS for basically giving away what’s going to happen next week. Maybe it’s just a red herring. Favorite line: “Ziva, their tires, not their throats.”

I started to watch Beauty and the Geek and then I realized it was a recap/fluff/left over clips show. I’ll get to it later. I’m now a dreadful two episodes behind on One Tree Hill, but I had to catch up Samantha Who? (so funny) and Brothers & Sisters.

Thankfully, nothing that I watch is new tonight, so I’ll probably watch some more NCIS leftover from the Saturday marathon.

My apology for the filler post. Sometimes life is just more interesting. Oh and dramatic. Oy with the drama. In fact, my work drama would make a good Office plot line.  Maybe next week I’ll be clever again. Soooo, stay sharp.


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