Lately I’ve ended a lot of stories to friends with “and then I almost walked out.” My joking reference to how I wish to find new employment. Yeah, today was the closest I’ve come. And it’s not over. I think I would gladly trade in my current employer for Michael Scott. If anyone needs a TV addicted writer with a BA in marketing and work experience in accounting, holla at the Jo.

You know what my silver lining is?

  • HIMYM- NEW Robin Sparkles!!! And Sarah Chalke returning sometime.
  • Jim loves Pam. and plans to propose.
  • Alllll of the Thursday night shows are back this week.
  • Battlestar Galactica is building in this wonderful slow bubble. My recap will pop up on GMMR later.
  • NCIS

One response to “Monday.

  1. You could call me and listen to the silver lining song, haha! The song which you don’t know but still hum to all the time.

    Can’t wait for Tonight and Thursday, although I’m gonna have to tape it all (I need a tivo, bad). There’s lots of Gospel Meetings in the area!

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