Weekend (Movie) Update

First, my apologies to all the surfers who came here looking for NCIS spoilers. Who knew those were popular search terms. It’s not my policy to discuss spoilers, mostly because I get all of my spoiler info from Ausiello at TV Guide and Kristin at E!. Links are to the right there on the blogroll.

Just a quick non tv update. I just got back from seeing Ben Stein’s new documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I highly recommend it. Please note, Ben’s documentary is not a pro-creationist propaganda film. It’s merely a balanced look at a growing trend to silence scientists who wish to pursue Intelligent Design in their research. Highly telling, well researched, and full of great music, which doesn’t surprise me coming from Ben Stein.

In an age where the majority of media and documentaries are clearly biased and all dissent is chalked up to lunacy, it’s nice to see someone take an honest approach to an opposing viewpoint. You know, as in free speech.


2 responses to “Weekend (Movie) Update

  1. It’s not a balanced look. If it was, the movie would have included interviews with scientists who are Christian AND believe in evolutionary theory…like Kenneth Miller and Francis Collins. If it was balanced, it would have also included cases of scientists who tried to teach science but were sadly discriminated against by Christians.

    You can spin the issue either way.

    The movie is purportedly about academic freedom and implies that scientists are shutting out ID because they are scared or are trying to suppress the truth. Yet it has been shown time and time again that ID is not science. Teach it in school if you like, but don’t include it in science curriculum where it does not belong.

  2. I’m sorry you missed the point of it. It’s about having a open discussion and scientific discussion about both evolution and intelligent design, which is needed. Not about the politics of either view.

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