DVD Review: Robin Hood

The more British TV I watch, the more I love it. Robin Hood is no exception. This light-hearted, charming adventure story is worth a rainy day dvd marathon. It is very much based on the traditional Robin Hood folklore. Band of outlaws, living in Sherwood forest, evil Sheriff of Nottingham, Marian waiting in the wings, action, adventure- It’s a classic myth with a modern twist.

What surprises me is the humor in the show. The band of outlaws are all funny in their own way. But the scene stealer award goes to the Sheriff himself. He is a deliciously sadistic yet hilarious villain who reminds me a lot of one Theodore Bagwell (Prison Break), except the Sheriff is not yet overtly perverse.

The show has a modern perspective best shown through Marian. She is very much a 21st century woman in her attitude towards politics, power and a woman’s role in both. Robin’s a charmer so she takes a hate-that-she -loves approach to him.

For what it’s worth, the scenery and the music are wonderful. That’s not an underhanded slam on the acting or writing, just don’t go into this thinking it’s a profound piece of art. It’s a cute, fun classic redone with the British accent in tow. What American girl could resist?

Season 2 comes out in the States July 29. And I can’t wait.Robin Hood


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