Tuesday TV Thoughts

Mostly because I hate leaving old posts up. Blogs are like sports news. It gets stale quickly.

Big Bang was funny, but granted I was on the computer while watching. I know it involved a lot of Sheldon. Don’t get wrong, he’s great, but the Sheldon centric episodes don’t thrill me as much. Meanwhile, did anyone else notice Howard’s Batman belt buckle?? I wonder if he has more superhero buckles.

How I Met Your Mother– I was still on the computer. But I didn’t miss much, except that Lily makes me laugh. I just like it better when all five cast members are equally featured. You know, that is totally what Friends did right. Every week it was about all six of them in some form or fashion. But if Stella comes back, I’ll turn off the computer!

NCIS– Abby out of the lab is an unusual day. There are major NCIS spoilers floating around the internet and they make me anxious.

Beauty & the Geek– I think I’ve found my favorites. Leticia and Matt and Chris. My major problem with this season is the girls. There is very little heart in them. I’m glad most of the fighting will be over now that Randi’s gone. Note to producers: this show should not be the Real World: Geek.

I haven’t watched OTH yet, so maybe I’ll save that rant for tomorrow. This is the post wedding episode, so I’m sure I’ll hate something about it.


One response to “Tuesday TV Thoughts

  1. I know Howard has worn a Nintendo Controller belt buckle ealier this season. Maybe it is a new one every epidode. I’ll have to keep my eye out.

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