Why I love NCIS

Is this a filler post until I become cool enough to get on more press email lists? Yes. But it’s very true that I love NCIS. I think the first episode I saw was the one where Kate gets shot. Side note: If you read TV blogs, seriously, spoiler warnings are for current content only. Back to rant, then I heard last season was supposed to be the Season of Secrets and I got hooked.

Reasons I love NCIS:

  1. What would Gibbs do? – Leroy Jethro Gibbs is the most consistent character I think I’ve ever seen on TV. I love the coffee habit, the head smack, his refusal to discuss his three marriages, his devotion to Abby and Ducky, but most of all, that sly little smile when he’s just pulled a fast one over on DiNozzo.
  2. Abby, the unlikely geek- I’m all for when people play against stereotypes, but mostly I love Abby’s personability with everyone on the team. Also, I wonder when she sleeps.
  3. Kate- I know the fate of Kate, but since catching up in the series, I’m still pulling for her and Tony to get over the sibling rivalry.
  4. The Abby/McGee connection- I still haven’t quite figured out what’s going on there. And that’s why I love it.
  5. Ducky rants- I think I would enjoy chilling with Dr. Mallard. Think of what you could learn?
  6. Ziva’s fierceness- Who doesn’t love a chick who can accurately throw a knife?

Okay what did I miss? Look now I’m comment fishing, so you know it’s going to be a slow week in the world of Jo.


One response to “Why I love NCIS

  1. I love, love NCIS and always feel bad when I’ve missed an episode, I’ve been watching since the beginning and while I have missed some episodes, I still can pick up from where I left off and I love that. The character development is absolutely amazing.

    And what makes me love it more is that I think both DiNozzo and McGee are HOT. Maybe it’s pieces of both of their personality that gets me, but seriously HOT! Too bad it’s not just one guy.

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