Weekend watching

I’m still not caught up on all the NCIS episodes. I love me some Gibbs.

Finally watched 30 Rock. I didn’t want to multitask watch it, hence the delay. I love scheming Liz. I hope she comes back.

I watched Justice League: A New Frontier. It’s the latest from DC. The closer to the summer, the more detail I’ll go into about my obsession with Batman. Jeremy Sisto, last seen by me on MY BOYS!!, was Batman’s voice. An unusual but exciting choice on their part. Speaking of “the show based so closely on me that I started looking for cameras following me around”, when is My Boys returning?! I must know who got on the plane with PJ and erase the imagine of Brendo as an air guitarist from that one episode of Unhitched I watched.

And if you’re interested, my latest recap of Battlestar Galactica over at GMMR.


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