Friday Dash

Battlestar Galactica TONIGHT!

Was that not the weirdest episode of The Office ever? I have a feeling it’ll be one of those episodes that gets funnier the more you watch it. Very high up on the awkward scale. And Pam is a lot cooler than I am because if my bf had attempted to ditch me in that Den of Neuroticism, I wouldn’t have been as forgiving. Jim and Pam had a lot of great looks into the camera and I couldn’t stop staring at the giant bag Angela was holding.

Saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day last night. It really amazes me that I movie can having such incredible acting and such a boring story at the same time. If Amy Adams doesn’t win some acting awards this year, it’ll be an outrage. So in the last 2-3 years she’s played John Krasinski’s girlfriend, Patrick Dempsey’s princess and the apple of Lee Pace’s eye? Okay so maybe in all my love, I also kinda hate her.

As much as viral marketing is all the rage, this fake NBC page for the KBell movie I won’t end up seeing makes me ache all over again for the missing Veronica Mars: FBI years.

Finally, a word about something special. The TV Guide Talk podcast has come to an end. It will be missed. I was very happy to hear Dan & Angel’s voices again, though when Michael started to reveal the “final four words”, I fully expected to get rickrolled.

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