Office Thursday is back!

It feels like forever ago. But new Office airs tonight. And I can’t wait. Of course for the best Office coverage check out or because no one loves The Office more than those two.

Earlier this week, I had a Tivo space dilemma. What to delete in order to make some room. The last things that get deleted on my Tivo are Battlestar Galactica and The Office. So I made the heartbreaking decision to delete pre-strike Office episodes. After all, I’ll just build back up some new ones starting tonight.

But then I started rewatching them and remembered how hilariously awesome this season was before the strike. I had forgotten these treasures:

  • Kevin’s PB&J talking head
  • Jim Halpert signing “John Krasinski” on Meredith’s cast- you know this b/c he dots the i’s.
  • Toby’s outing PB&J out of jealousy
  • Kelly & Darrell- “You need to access your uncrazy side”
  • Dwight & the DEAD CAT!!!
  • And probably in the top 3 of great cold opens: The bouncing screensaver hits the corner exactly.

What greatness did I miss? Oh and I ended up leaving them all on the Tivo.
Some links: USA Today’s article and The Onion’s interview with Krasinski


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