This little rant is brought to you by Beauty and the Geek and the movie they somehow worked into this week’s challenge.

BLATANT PRODUCT PLACEMENT! I wish I had a siren noise that I could sound. UGH. It’s not that I’m opposed to all product placement. It’s when the BPP takes over the show. I hear this is a perpetual problem on Smallville, but I stopped watching when they killed Lana and then brought her back life. Oy, they were so close.

Can we pause for a moment and point out the worst moment in Alias history? *Ahem* “Quick! The F-150!” Really Sydney? Really? You’re gonna chase down a Mustang with a big honkin truck that’s being blocked by three other cars? Don’t get me wrong, I love those trucks and have driven them often. They drive nice. But they aren’t going to catch up to a ‘stang.

At least you could be funny about it ala 30 Rock and the phone company.

Which leads to the number 1 reason, I hate myself for watching One Tree Hill. It’s not the ridiculously cheesy plots and stiff acting. No, my friend, that is the very definition of guilty pleasure tv. The thing that irritates me most about OTH is the hour long music commercials for whatever artist Warner Bros is trying to pimp that week. Or in the case of last year the soda sponsored prom. Or before that with the restaurant sponsored basketball game which led to a 20 sec film stop ON the logo of said restaurant.

You want an example of product placement done correctly? Applebee’s on Friday Night Lights. The recent Dr Pepper mention on FNL. I think those Dillon Panthers are wearing Under Armour too. Who else should get in on the FNL placement? Blue Bell. Who completely missed the boat on placement? Dairy Queen. Yeah right, like QB1 in a town the size of Dillon with a champion football team is going to work at a generic DQ. That’s not real Texas.

/rant. Whew. That was a big one.


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