TV! It’s back!

There’s nothing like coming home after a weekend away, having a million things to do and finding all kinds of goodies on the Tivo.

So random thoughts. SNL– I like the new chick but we still haven’t seen much of her. Does anyone else think Walken has a Bob Newhart like delivery sometimes? And there’s some guy in the audience whose laugh stood out. If I ever got to see SNL live, that’d probably be me in the audience. When is the Floydster going to be back on 30 Rock?

Samantha Who? was on last night. If you haven’t checked it, it’s worth a mini marathon. Christina Applegate is very funny. Plus I get a kick out of Jennifer Esposito and Kiele Sanchez being on the same show again. Ah, here’s to short lived WB series.

Finally, per TVGuideBSG opened to a record 2.1 million viewers. Which is great but heartbreaking considering shows on broadcast networks that got cancelled over more viewers than that. The trade off of cable and a nerd genre I suppose. The Pop Candy podcast has an interview with Katee Sackhoff today.


One response to “TV! It’s back!

  1. I loved Related! It was such a good show! I hated the fact that it got cancelled in the CW switch.

    Man, I wish that The CW never got created.

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