“I’ve seen Earth…and I’m gonna take us there”

BSG premiereSo since last fall, I’ve been badgering Scooter to give BSG a chance. I pleaded to his taste in good TV. I nominated BSG as a strike survival necessity. I named my fantasy football team in our league “Dogtags over Delphi”.

Scooter still hasn’t found the time, but has turned his loss in my seriously awesome gain.

I have seen the new season opener…..and it. is. goooood. Click below the awesome cast photo if you’d like a spoiler free review.


BSG Last Supper

Battlestar Galactica amazes me. Every season has ended in jaw dropping fashion- last season especially. And the beginning of the final season promises a whole new direction. This episode is just the tip of the iceberg and I refuse to ruin it for you with spoilers. Plus I had to sign a paper saying I wouldn’t give spoilers..

The great news:
Starbuck is back!
No season can begin or end with the giant battle scene.
More Anders this year!

Some things haven’t changed…..
-Gaius is still a slimy weasel. He gets whisked off to a cult dedicated to himself, so you know that’ll take him about 3 seconds to learn to love. I wonder how long it will take him to manipulate them. Honestly, Caprica Six has more of a soul than him.
-Helo is still the open minded one while Roslin’s first instinct is AIRLOCK! This is why I love both of them.
-Those that love and trust Starbuck still do, despite the evidence pointing to the weird and the unexplained.

Some things are very different….
-Starbuck doesn’t seem to be all right in the head…and not in the usual Starbuck way.
-The four new cylons will probably take different paths through their upcoming identity crises. That’s my personal guess.
-Apollo! Oooh Apollo. I’m very eager to see Apollo’s new civilian take on life.


One response to ““I’ve seen Earth…and I’m gonna take us there”

  1. I feel like by having not watched this from the beginning with you I’m missing out on a major part of your life. After April 15th, I will remedy that, hehe!

    Glad you’re still loving it!

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