Because I’m not home…

…during the day, I missed FedEx and therefore missed receiving the Battlestar Galactica screener that Scooter got me. So tomorrow, my review will be up over on his site.

April 4 10/9c. Or tonight if you are me. Huzzah!

Big Bang was good but not great. The Sheldon centric episodes are a bit much, although I loved the joke involving the words “blitzkrieg” and “Czechoslovakia”. How I Met Your Mother was also good and I’m intrigued by the teaser ending. However, I’m really just waiting on more Robin Sparkles.

Finally a shout out to Joel McHale and The Soup Presents because I laughed so loudly and long that I had to pause the Tivo before watching the rest of the show. And this my friends, is why everyone should have a Tivo.


One response to “Because I’m not home…

  1. I need to watch himym online, forgot to tivo it last night.

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