Thank you, Britain

One week til Battlestar Galactica comes back. I can’t hardly stand it.

I finally got around to watching the Extras Christmas special last night. Laughed at Darren dancing to his ringtone and cried at Andy’s “I’d be the penguin” speech. Which reminds me of my love for all things British. The accent, the Tube- Mind the gap!-, MI-5. I’d just like to take a moment to thank the British for things they’ve given us.

Jane Austen, William Shakespeare…and…

Harry Potter– You made our lazy kids read and want to read. Brilliant! Now if you could just solve our fat problem without involving cigarettes. Or a live version of quidditch. I’d be willing to give up the word “soccer”  if you give me quidditch.

Our country– Okay, maybe we took that one, but thanks for not holding a grudge.

You have a Royal family which is fun for us to imagine would be like over here but not actually have to deal with.

The Beckhams– I gotta admit. When I first heard we would be borrowing another high profile celebrity tabloid magnet, I was disappointed. I wondered if we could send a few to you in exchange, but the Beckhams, even though they do attract attention, are surprisingly grounded. How did ya’ll manage that?

and The Office.


One response to “Thank you, Britain

  1. I’m glad we didn’t get their teeth.

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