Bionic No More

Dear Sci Fi Channel, Please put me on your press release email list.

David Eick confirmed that Bionic Woman is officially gone, even though NBC all but said. But one thing about his statement cracked me up. “”I just felt that the process was so frustrating, and the conditions under which we were making that show never really came to fruition in such a way that I felt like we could make the show well,” Eick said in an interview at SCI FI Channel’s upfront presentation to advertisers in New York on March 18. “The actress [Michelle Ryan] we found was wonderful. Some of the writing was good.”

Did you catch that? *Some* of the writing was good? Yeeeeah.  Let me take a moment and pull some of my own comments about Bionic Woman from the GMMR recaps.

“I think this show proves a few things. 1) NBC is a cross promotional skank. 2) You can have a lot of great pieces and they still not fit together. ie, David Eick, and FNL writers; 3) Next year, I’m avoiding any series that has a bunch of turnover before the show starts. 4) Bad writing and bad acting only works if you’re pretending to be a reality show on a musically inclined cable network.”

“This week, Jaime actually cared about something. I said on my own space to rant last week that Jaime Summers has no wants. No goals, no obstacles. It’s like she woke up, said “Oh I’m bionic” and then ho hum went back to life as usual. This is how you murder a character.”

“This episode is the tale of two shows. One is called bad dialogue parrot plot. One is called The Greatness of Katee Sackhoff.”

“Blonde chick and Jamie investigate a bio weapon massacred town. They wander into a house where BATTLESTAR GALACTICA IS PLAYING ON THE TV. And I’m 99% positive, it’s Exodus part 2 because that baby is the most awesome fight sequence ending in Pegasus picking up a Cylon spare. Touché, Mr. Eick.”


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