To Stuntcast or Not

A quick shout out to another hilarious Big Bang Theory. This show has all the fake heart that Beauty and the Geek should have but doesn’t this year.

Stuntcasting. Mostly I hate it. Like product placement. It has to be handled very carefully to not be distracting. But I know exactly why How I Met Your Mother did it. This show doesn’t deserve to be on the bubble and the stunt wasn’t the focus of the show. Seriously, though, bring Sarah Chalke back.

I’d list these in order of annoyance, but I haven’t had my caffeine yet this morning. So consider this list just off the top of my head.

Stuntcasting gone wrong:

1. Heiress on Veronica Mars. There are just certain names I wish I could forget, so I’m not going to up their google-ability. Fortunately she didn’t have many lines and then the show later made fun of her, so that’s worth it.
2. Worse than the last one, the stiff acting of one of those MTV chicks. I’m too old for mtv, so I can’t tell you which one of them it was, it was just a blonde chick that couldn’t act and even the gloriously talented Kristen Bell looked pained through the scenes.

3. The recent “musician” better known as the baby daddy of the train wreck on One Tree Hill. Who knew you could find people who act worse than the cast? Actually that stunt improved my opinion of the regular cast. and for their patience in having to deal with that.

4. Posh on Ugly Betty. Which counts because it was a sweeps deal even though she was playing herself. This one was hysterical. She’s a very funny woman in interviews.

5. The One where Rachel’s then current but now big time Ex guest starred as the fat kid that hated her? Funny? Maybe, but only because of the club Ross wanted to start.

6. And a special thanks to Friday Night Lights for NOT stuntcasting the soccer coach. Because that would’ve been so unbelievably distracting to the overall story. Even though they probably could use the viewers…..

I’m sure I’m overlooking a ton. Please add to my list.


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