The weekend watching

I’m going to be in serious trouble come April. I’m not keeping up with my 3 or 4 rerun shows very well….When new Office and 30 Rock plus Battlestar Galactica hit the airwaves…I may need to make some adjustments..

Dexter is strangely beautiful. This cracked me up: “Your husband’s a crackhead and your boyfriend’s a serial killer? You can’t help but take that personally.” Funny and surprisingly feeling…for a sociopath..could this be character growth for Dexter? I’m so intrigued. And I love rooting for the bad good guy. I talked back to the TV when I thought Dex was about to chuck his trophy collection overboard. Then I realized I was rooting for a serial killer to keep his trophy collection. That’s good writing people.

And speaking of censored reruns that I love, the final season of The Sopranos just started on A&E which is also exciting.

And now for my One Tree Hill rant. For those that are late to this party. I watch OTH. I think for the most part it’s stiff acting and clichéd writing. And it’s my guilty pleasure that I cannot stop watching. So I watch and hate and hate myself for watching. The last new episode was number 100, so they busted out all the big guns. Dream sequences, a big wedding, the bride running out (YAY Team Peyton.), more gratuitous shots of psycho nanny, (wow I hope Dan ran her off for good), plot setup Skillz whose lines are now sounding like the writers talking, Lucas who apparently cannot cry on command and the baby bomb from Brooke. Begin rant:

1) Brooke? Seriously? You advise Peyton to go running to Luke 10 seconds after his bride runs out? Um, can you give a guy a minute? If anything, Peyton needs to play it cool and let Lucas come to his own decisions.

2) What kid who is IN a wedding can’t hold it or is forced to go by his mom just prior to the wedding? Or a TV wedding for that matter?! TV weddings last less than 7 minutes, I mean come on? Plot contrivance much? And no guardian would’ve let Jamie go to the bathroom DURING the ceremony unless it was dire emergency. and then not alone to confirm it was a dire emergency. This is what happens when KIDS take care of KIDS. no sense between the two of them. If Jamie turns into a new Ruthie where the adults find wisdom in a 6 yr old(7th Heaven reference, go ahead and laugh that yeah I watched it.), I may finally have the irritation to turn this show off.

3) As ticked off as Hayley was, she would’ve noticed psycho nanny within 500 yards of that church building. Especially sitting with the band.

4) Even Psycho Derek was better prepared for his sweeps abduction. I have a hard time believing psycho nanny would forget the hair dye. And would be dumb enough to leave Jamie alone.

The good:

1) They didn’t get married. As much as I hate the busted wedding scene, I hate the instantly broken/cheating spouse arrangement. Long live Coach & Tami Taylor.

2) Peyton’s hilarious “With me?!” reaction to Brooke’s inappropriately timed “I want a baby” remark.

3) Karen was back. Even with her old flame Andy. Speaking of old flames, think we could finally get JAKE BACK?! B/c now ya’ll need another foil to Lucas & Peyton. And we all love Jake.


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