Double Take ed. 1

Since it’s the weekend and I haven’t posted as much this week, I’ll leave food for thought. I’d love any additions to my list.

These are celebrities who I think favor each other….

Start with the obvious. Coach Z and Flavor Flav.

Flavor Z

Zooey Deschanel, Anna Friel and Alexis Bledel could seriously pass for sisters. Casting directors take notes.

Zoey, Anna, Alexis

I have no idea who Pete Doherty is. But remember those six months or so when he was in the news every week being arrested for drugs? Every single time I did a double take because I thought it was a high as a kite Harry Potter.

potter & Pete

This last one is for those that know me and/or have access to my facebook pictures. You have to admit….depending on how my hair is styled that day, I’m somewhere between Kate Hudson and What’s Her Face.

Kate & Whats


One response to “Double Take ed. 1

  1. HAAHAHAHA! You seriously crack me up. Somewhere between Kate Hudson and What’s Her Face? LOL, love it.

    Sorry I didn’t comment 7 days ago, dude 7 days? Oh, I miss my life.

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