More BSG Goodies!

I’m gonna keep talking about Battlestar Galactica until it goes off the air. Because hands down, it is the most powerful and awe inspiring television show I’ve seen.

Sci Fi Channel posted some great videos to help us all catch back up on the Colonials. Now, I’m all for you, the newcomer, to watch everything from the beginning. BUT I truly believe, if you can follow the three videos that Sci Fi put up, then you can start the new season and know what’s going on. The 8 minute recap (which is really a plot summary) that I linked a few weeks ago, then this great Character recap by creators Ronald D. Moore & David Eick.

The third video is called Phenomenon. It interviews many of BSG’s biggest fans like Jesse L. Martin & S. Epatha Merkerson, Seth Green, JOSS WHEDON, and one of my personal favorite TV hosts – Joel McHale. The bottom of the webpage is the awesome Last Supper photo that the cast shot for Entertainment Weekly. (Don’t forget BSG is endorsed by Dwight K. Schrute and Veronica Mars.)

Of course my highlight was Letterman’s Top Ten list…but why did they come dressed and introduced in character? At least Baltar’s cut his hair finally and we got a glimpse of Jamie Bamber’s real accent. Favorite line: Col. Tigh.


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