Did I forget something?

Oh yeah. To post. What TV news is on my mind?

Just a reminder that new Battlestar Galactica on April 4. As much as that excites me, it’s also a reminder for me, as the next month will be especially nuts.

*ooh! BSG actors will present Letterman’s Top Ten List tonight!!  Course, I doubt it’ll look anything like mine.
The Office returns April 10. Hmmm April will be a good month.

But let’s discuss my new favorite comedy The Big Bang Theory. The show hit its stride right before the strike, but the first ep back was especially funny. I love the hate/hate dynamic between Sheldon and Penny. I want a little bit of that each week but never as the focus. Leonard is funny on his own, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him try to ask out other girls besides Penny and the chick that used to play his sister on that other show. It’s slightly scary how many of the geek references I catch. But has anyone else stopped the Tivo on the producer’s tag? Every week the show creator changes what he writes in there and it’s usually a hilarious rant about whatever happened in the last week.

I haven’t watched OTH yet so that rant will be delayed.


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