Jo’s Random Office Quote

Have you ever uttered a memorable line from The Office at a random time and got stares? Or maybe even the person didn’t realize you had just quoted The Office…

I earned some cool points today because I saw three different bands at SXSW. Then I saw this van. With a giant sign “I believe in Harvey Dent“. Course, I’m a major Batman fanatic and I had to go see what was up. As if Dark Knight needs a guerrilla marketing campaign. Seriously, the whole world is going to watch that film…but whatever I was stoked because they were handing out campaign buttons and signs that read “Take back Gotham City: Vote Harvey Dent”. I wasn’t sure how to approach; I don’t like asking to take stuff even if I’m sure it’s free. Then this volunteer walked straight up to me and says, “Do you believe in Harvey Dent?”

And without missing a beat, I couldn’t help but answer, “Absolutely I do.”

Okay I realize this is probably only funny to me….which deducts all the cool points I earned by going to SXSW. C’est la vie


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