Beauty vs the Geek

First impressions of the new season: Eh.

I saw no Joe/Britany potentials in this cast. In fact, I’m disappointed all around. The whole reason I choose Beauty and the Geek as my only* reality show is for the heart. Most reality shows are about being trashy or tearing people apart.

But the previews make this seasons seem like a geekified version of the Real World. Bleck. People screaming at each other on day one? A dance off? The girls throwing themselves at these guys? Good grief Charlie Brown.

And this new twist of girls versus guys? No matter how hard they try to balance the challenges, there will always be an advantage to one side or the other. Case evidence: Sam last year. Sam competed with the other beauties and he destroyed them at challenges. Figuring out why doesn’t take a genius.

Did you see the taglines of all the girls? Most of them are models. Not a one mentioned being in school or having a job that wasn’t modeling, acting or being unclothed in general. I’d also like to see how eliminating one person a week is going to work in the balance of the whole experiment.

Am I the only one that’s disappointed? I’ll give it a few more to redeem itself. But the first drunken cry fest and I’m out.

*Edit for Scooter. The only reality show I regularly watch. Yes I’ll catch a rerun of Celebrity Rehab b/c I haven’t had much to Tivo over the few months.


3 responses to “Beauty vs the Geek

  1. I, for one, am not disappointed. Of course I stopped watching after the third season. And don’t get all high and mighty, I only watch one reality show. You watch Celebrity Rehab. Who knows which ones you don’t admit to.

  2. Um pot meet kettle. At least Celebrity Rehab isn’t Flavor of Love.

  3. First I do admit to watching Flavor of Love publically, second it is only the premiere and reunion shows, third, um, I can think of anything else.

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