Top 10 Favorite Characters

Scooter asked me to participate in his survey, so I thought I’d repost my list here with explanations. Read Scooter’s full post here.

1. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace (Battlestar Galactica)- She is the ultimate dichotomy of human existence. A broken, beaten, lost and lovelorn woman of intense passion and strength. Her destructive behavior keeps on the edge of reason, but even in her lowest moment, she is clutch in a fight.

2. Dr. Miranda Bailey (Grey’s Anatomy)- Dr. Bailey doesn’t have to wear the title of Chief. She already runs Seattle Grace. She is the mother hen amongst all the super pretty adults who act like super pretty teenagers. And Dr. Bailey will sacrifice herself whenever it’s asked.

3. Liz Lemon (30 Rock)- I always like the straight man in a comedy. The character that has the best reactions, throw away lines and sends the crazy characters the perfect setup. And how can you not love that Liz sings along to her ringtone “Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit!”

4. Chuck Bartowski (Chuck)- Hey, I had geek love before this past year. Of all the shows effected by the strike, I missed Chuck the most. I hope he never quits his day job at the Buy more.

5. Michael Scott (The Office)- I say this often. Picking your favorite character from The Office is like picking your favorite child. It just ain’t right. But when it all boils down to laughs per episode. And whenever Michael reverses words or says something completely unpolitically correct, I have to be helped off the floor.

6. Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights) is my hero. If you don’t know why Tami Taylor is incredible, then you’re part of the reason why this jewel of a show is in danger of being cancelled. So watch please.

7. Dexter Morgan (Dexter)- I’ve only seen a handful of episodes on CBS, but I love any character that can admit to being a sociopath and sound believable. I guess Dexter satisfies my warped sense of humor.

8. Shawn Spencer (Psych)- How can you not love a fake psychic detective with a penchant for 80s references and an unsatisfying craving for pineapple? Shawn is very funny and while he’s a simple guy, there’s still some depth from his family trouble to keep him from becoming a caricature.

9. Olive Snook (Pushing Daisies)- While Ned and Chuck are off in fairy tale love, I can’t help but notice the subtle vulnerability yet over the top spontaneity of Olive. There’s so much about this character I want to see and know, I can’t wait for season 2.

10. Marshall Eriksen (How I Met Your Mother)- I know most people would pick Barney from HIMYM, but Marshall makes me laugh the hardest. He’s just so lovable and weird.


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