Last week I watched…

SNL and laughed hysterically. Oh Amy Adams, how I wish you could host SNL every week. She wasn’t afraid of physical comedy or the wonderfully cheesy twin sketch. She & Kristen Wiig singing “What is this feeling” from Wicked warms my heart. The steroids sketch was hysterical as well as the four chicks dance routine.

One Tree Hill. Oy. Could we be so lucky to see the demise of Naley? I’ve never understood their relationship. Brooke was good again. Too bad the bartender can’t keep up acting wise. But they are all infinitely better than the little kid. Seriously, I never thought I’d miss Chris Keller.

Hmm and then today I noticed that last week on some big day, I dunno Tuesday was it?, that Kate Walsh was actually at my alma mater talking about something or other. I joke of course, but this teaches me for not listening to local news.

What’s really important- new Beauty & The Geek! This is only reality show that I love. I adore it because it tries to make people better, not tear them down. Although last year’s twist was not cool, I’ll hold off judgment on this so called “Beauty vs Geek” they are promoting.


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