The Stars at Night…

Coach Taylorare shining bright for FRIDAY NIGHT!

Okay, yes I’m the last blog on the innertubes to rejoice a third season of Friday Night Lights. But my post isn’t to recount the 100 reasons people love Riggins. Nor is it another shameless plea for Connie Britton’s Emmy. (But seriously Emmy, get on that.)

No, this is a purely selfish post. With a third season, I can now launch my own personal Operation: Dillon. I am going to find a way to visit that set.

Dear Mr. Katims, I can still pass for 17, I live less than two hours away from your set, and I played high school soccer. Do you need a soccer player for Tami Taylor to advise? Advising her to say, apply to Texas A&M? This would be method acting right?

Okay, that’s the dream. Let’s be realistic. I’m going to research the background work. But whether I show up in Dillon as an extra, a blogger/journalist, a walk on, or a stalker, I’m gonna make it. Who’s with me?

Clear Eyes! Full Hearts! Can’t Lose!

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