Samantha Who- Set Visit auction

Everyday I visit blogs of several different writers. One is a writer named Pamie. I first became aware of her through her TWoP recaps of Gilmore Girls. See, now you’re saying to yourself THAT Pamie. Yes, but now she’s a writer for the ABC comedy Samantha Who?. (Hmm I wonder how that last sentence should be punctuated….anyone? Pamie?)

So I got into Samantha Who? right before the strike. It’s really very clever. The premise is that Samantha has amnesia and is trying to rebuild her life, which might sound like it belongs on the OTH Wheel o’ Clichés, but they handle the plot device beautifully. Christina Applegate, Jennifer Esposito, Matt Camden all growed up, Sookie. I mean, c’mon. What an awesome cast.

Right now, Pamie’s auctioning off a Set Visit for Two to benefit the Dewey Donation System which helps libraries in need get books that they want. Good causes all around. Auction ends Tuesday, March 11.

And if you want to read a very funny blog, bookmark Pamie’s.


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