Five movies I must watch every time

Since I exaggerated about the lack of my movie watching, I thought I should at least post about movies I could watch and have watched many times. These are my top five movies that I find on TV and have to finish watching.

5. Ever After/Never Been Kissed– I’m cheating with a two for one, but I’m counting it since they are both Drew Barrymore flicks. I would also like to propose that Drew be a host of SNL every year. And if you have never seen a documentary called “My Date with Drew“, you should rent it right now. But don’t spoil yourself on it. Just watch it.

4. The Patriot – There is something about tales of heroism and patriotism that just really get to me. This film brings a reality about war, war from any time or era, and how families survive. I can’t ever turn it off and I always cry.

3. That Thing You Do- And yet I never tire of the song. Who doesn’t love Guy Patterson and “I am Spartacus”…which I chose as my fantasy football team name this year.

2. Empire Records– The fact that Liv Tyler is in this list twice is coincidental. And I just realized Ethan Embry is this film and the last too. I had a roommate in college, one of my childhood best friends, who every day when I came in from class had a movie playing. The funny part was it was always one of the same three or four movies. This is how I was introduced to Empire Records and accounts for my first fifteen viewings. By far is one of the most quote worthy films I’ve ever seen.

1. Miss Congeniality – Why? Because I am her. I understand exactly what she’s going through and while it’s surreal to watch, it’s also extremely funny. And I obnoxiously quote the entire film a few seconds ahead of each line. So you should probably never watch it with me.

Did I miss any?


One response to “Five movies I must watch every time

  1. You forgot Aladdin. 🙂

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