How much longer til some new stuff?

So Saturday Night Live has pulled some serious political connections the last couple of weeks. Still, until they get Chuck Norris, I won’t be impressed. My favorite sketch from this weekend was The Dakota Fanning Show, though Ellen Page’s rendition frightened me about as much as the real Miley Cyrus frightens me, but in a different way. The real exciting part is next week is hosted by Amy Adams!! How much longer til Enchanted comes out on DVD?

One Tree Hill continues to disappoint me. I think they must have a Wheel O’ TV clichés that they spin each week to choose another ridiculous plot point. You’d think after all this, I’d be able to stop watching this show. Mostly I just want to see Hailey become a big rock star. Maybe they could even bring Chris Keller back.

Dexter meanwhile continues to be fascinating, though I can’t figure out what violence has everybody upset? There’s less blood shown on this show than say, any of the medical dramas. Or is it just the allusion of violence? Either way, missing the expletives doesn’t diminish the show at all.

I finished My So Called Life on DVD. It made me think of the same thing I say every time I go to the movies. “I’m so glad I’m not still in high school.” Also thankful that I was too young to be too affected by that fashion disaster. Overall, I can see where the series was influential on shows that followed. But I would still pick Freaks & Geeks or Buffy as more entertaining. So I give it a “eh”.

There really wasn’t much new on but I’ve come to the conclusion that I just don’t like watching movies. I’ve now deleted two or three “classic” films from my Tivo after suffering through the first 20 minutes. Maybe I’m not just sophisticated enough. I’d gladly take suggestions on movies from ya’ll because without fail, I probably haven’t seen it.

In not that relevant about anything news, I played with one of those little round 20 Questions dealios. This one is all things Television. It correctly guessed Veronica Mars, however I had it stumped with Wonderfalls. Though it gets props because after 25 questions its final guess was Dead Like Me.

Next on my DVD queue: Life As We Know it, Felicity, Roswell, MI-5 S5, and BBC’s latest incarnation of Robin Hood.


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