Ah, Weekend Update. How I’ve missed you.

Tina Fey should be on SNL every week. Except I love 30 Rock. The highlight was definitely the opening monologue. They must have Steve Martin on speed dial. But I lost it over “Now like a mouse!” “Now in Spanish!” Props to the new chick in the cast. Dear SNL, I have a sketch for you: Rachel Ray, if she was a serial killer.

Tivo: The Only way to watch the Oscars.

Oscar thoughts:

  • Jack Nicholson freaks me out. I really wish they wouldn’t place him on the front row of every awards show for gratuitous Jack close ups.
  • Josh Brolin & James McAvoy were hilarious. Especially Josh apologizing to Jack which is forgiven only because it panned right back to James McAvoy. James is very funny. Has anyone else picked up on that in his interviews? When can he host SNL?
  • Why did they force Amy Adams to stand alone singing on the stage? No back up dancers? They could’ve at least played the clip of the movie behind her to give her song some context? She was like a one woman show “Just Giselle”
  • Meanwhile, I couldn’t love Kristin Chenoweth more.
  • And I’m sad that Enchanted beat itself out in the category.

What else? Well let’s just get my One Tree Hill rant out of the way. I’ll take “Bundle of TV clichés for a thousand, Alex.” OY! First up, Skillz is not being used enough. Lucas, Peyton and Lindsey are all idiots and I’m loathing the upcoming wedding crashing. And ENOUGH of the psycho nanny closeups. Her face freaks me out too. She’s too much like Fake Derek. OH! What about real Derek? Can we have HIM back? What if we brought real Derek and Brooke together? There’s a way to complicate Peyton’s life that doesn’t involve a brooding look from Lucas. I mean, seriously, you can’t out brood the master.

Oooh man oh man oh man. I love the “for network tv cleaned up” Dexter. Yessss. I don’t care that it’s been edited. Really, there’s nothing lost. I watched all of The Sopranos that way and it was just as good too. But Dexter, he is wicked funny. I love that he freely admits he has no feelings. Honestly this is more commentary on my sick sense of humor. I can’t wait to watch more.

And now 3 lessons from my movie watching in the void of new TV. This week: The Day After Tomorrow. 1) Dying from the freezing cold is unbelievably creepy. 2) Four years ago, Jake Gyllenhaal couldn’t pass for high school age. 3) Even if we have a second ice age, Texas will still be warm enough to live in.


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