10 Reasons to watch Battlestar Galactica

Okay fine. It uses the word “star” in the title. But Battlestar Galactica is the furthest thing from the cheesy effects and bad acting that prevails in sci fi. All you haters with Heroes and Lost on your Must See list, I’m talking to you. This show will blow your mind.

April 4- The new season begins. And I can’t wait!
Here are tens reasons why you should watch, along with some awesome new cast photos courtesy of the wonderful Ducky.

10. Big guns and toaster fights – I won’t lie, I love the huge fight scenes. Vipers on Raiders, Anders leading guerrilla fighters on Kobol, Adama punching the lights out of Tyrol, if you like a little action this show will leave you breathless as Galactica falls out of the sky like a rock or Pegasus picks up a spare.

9. Have you met my friends Anders, Helo, and Apollo? Or Starbuck, Six, and Athena? Hi, my name is Jo and I’m in love with Samuel T. Anders. Eye candy for everyone. (Anders & Starbuck, left)

8. Roslin will make you wish she was running for President
Secretary of Education turned President Laura Roslin makes some tough choices, like to airlock or not to airlock. And she does it all with such a soft disposition.

7. Two Hybrid Babies?!– For a season, we’ve only had a moments of what the half-human, half-cylon baby Hera was about. Now there’s a second one in Nicholas?

6. Starbuck.- She’s intense, messed up and the savior of the species. Torn between her hottie Cylon husband, the love of her life- the equally broken Apollo- and her love/hate but mostly hate relationship with the ever creepy Leoben, Starbuck’s calendar stays busy. Course there’s not enough words to sing the praises of Katee Sackhoff, who should top every awards list available. She brings a raw, fierce vulnerability that’s rarely seen on TV, let alone movies.

5. Gaius Baltar starts a cult- We just got a hint of it at the end of last year, if you can remember that far back. But pseudo spiritual leader should be a natural fit for my favorite villain. Maybe he’ll inherit some of Tom Zarek’s followers.

4. Hey, you’ve just found out you’re a Cylon, now what??– So I haven’t gotten “All along the Watchtower” out of my head since then. And not just because the next day, I downloaded the Hendrix version as my ringtone. This is one storyline I can’t miss. Tory, Tigh, Tyrol and my beloved Anders? These four brand new Cylons were leaders of the Resistance on New Caprica! They are all in vital #2 positions all along the ship. And last we checked, they wanted to just stay human….but something tells me things will change the moment Starbuck docks.

3. Bill & Laura renew all faith in love
They have barely even touched. They fight about politics and flirt in subtext. They got high and star gazed on New Caprica. Talked about building a house together. They are each other’s only and greatest confidants because of their jobs. They are both a little tired and a little lonely. And oh how Admiral Adama and President Roslin light up the screen together! With this being officially the last season, I can’t help but SQUEE when I see this picture of them! (Adama & Roslin TOUCHING!, right)

2. One Model Left…Who could it be??
There are 12 Cylon models. That is what the note said back in the beginning. The fleet knows about 7. Four were revealed at the end of last year to the audience. This leaves One Model Left. There were spoilers on the internet, but nothing definitive. Whoever it turns out to be, it’s going to leave me sitting on the edge of my seat.

1. Earth is real and Starbuck knows the way
For three years, Earth has been a myth. A little lie told to keep the fleet from falling apart. But then the once dead but never down Starbuck reappeared with news and directions. No more messing around people, Earth is the goal. So begins a thousand questions: will they reach Earth before the Cylons? What state or time will Earth be in? Are there any Earth humans around? After all, Earth was the mythical beginning of the Colonial scriptures. And if there are humans there, how will they accept the fleet?

This isn’t even touching some of the great minor characters like Dee, Mr. Gaeta, Helo, Doc Cottle, D’Anna, the whole Apollo/Adama relationship now that Apollo is a civilian, Sharon & Helo, Cally & Chief….ooooh I can’t wait! April 4! April 4!

Honorary reason #11. BSG is endorsed by Dwight Schrute and Veronica Mars. Need I say more?


4 responses to “10 Reasons to watch Battlestar Galactica

  1. You know I met Anders in person, right? Just as tall, dark, and handsome up close.

    Man, I can’t wait for this show to be on again!

  2. Oh yes. I remember your post on it and my subsequent jealousy.

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