Why Wonderfalls?

For Richa, and anyone else who’s wondering:

Why Wonderfalls?

The two main reasons: Writing. Acting.

Here’s something I wrote for a previous post, followed by an addendum.

Who made it: Oh just Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies), Todd Holland (Larry Sanders Show, Malcom in the Middle) and Tim Minear (Angel, Firefly). If you’re like me, probably the only cast member you’d recognize is Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies), but I have more than a few words about this cast. The first two being “brilliant” and “Canadian”. This is a rare show in that the entire cast can act well. Not one stinker. And you know. You’re thinking about some other brilliant shows that had amazing writing and acting but that one stinker character that needed to go on a permanent donut run…I really wish all of these actors found their way back to American TV but it turns out they are all big time Canadian film stars.

This is the show I can’t get out of my head.

What’s it about: Jaye Tyler’s fresh of college with a heart full of apathy and a dead end job. Her life was on a pleasant path to nowhere until inanimate objects in the shape of animals start talking to her. And they won’t stop talking until she does whatever they are demanding. Is it a divine force or just plain craziness? It’s left to your imagination but the show is so rich in humor and drama and a cute boy with puppy dog eyes.

If you’re familiar with Dead Like Me or Pushing Daisies, it’s kinda in between the two as far as style, story telling and character development. Mix George Lass’ apathy and forced actions mixed with the humor and romance of Daisies.

I’ve now watched through the series three times and I want to watch it again. It just keeps getting funnier. The characters are very sharp witted, like our dear Veronica Mars, but there are some fantastic emotional moments too. And even though it’s a bummer it was canceled early, the season wraps up in a nice way.


One response to “Why Wonderfalls?

  1. Wow. One episode in and I’m hooked

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