Hear that?

I believe that’s the sound of laptops all over LA being turned back on…Welcome back, Writers.

I won’t complain that I have to wait til April for more of The Office. Any Office is good. Plus Battlestar Galactica doesn’t come back til April either and I gotta be honest, I’m dying to know the identify of that fifth Cylon…especially after accidentally reading some spoiler clues online.

What did I watch & love? Oh, Psych. Who knew that Gus being afraid of mummies and Shawn going all Roni Mars on cheating spouses could be so awesome? Even a nice cliffhanger. Then there’s season one of NCIS. I’m a late comer to the series and now USA is rerunning them. In the world of procedurals, I really like this one. I’ve got one disc left on My So Called Life….I haven’t decided how I feel about it just yet.

I definitely watched A League of Their Own for the first time this weekend. Sure, sure, I watch a lot of TV, but I am helplessly behind on movies. Mostly because they bore me. But this one was cute.

And I hooked a couple of friends on my DVDs of Wonderfalls. Now, if more of you would just listen to my advice about BSG…..

One response to “Hear that?

  1. I’m thinking of starting Wonderfalls. What’s it like?

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