The One where Ben Silverman hates you

Hey, I know. Let’s take that one critical darling show, the last remaining decent scripted series content our network has to offer and burn it off slowly and quietly on Friday night. Since we need the other good five nights of TV to showcase America’s Next Idiot and Freak Show.

Since when did NBC become Fox? What happened to their championing of the underdog series? Listen, I love 30 Rock as much as the next blogger, but that doesn’t mean you can just hate on Friday Night Lights and get away with it. Once again, this furthers my theory that TV executives and Emmy voters don’t actually watch TV. It’s a shame really.

Meanwhile, FNL this week had some awesome Coach & Tami scenes. Kyle Chandler has an amazing command of his emotions. The boiling jealousy under the surface. Heee. I haven’t enjoyed them fighting this much since season one when they had an entire fight under the table while there were a thousand people in the house.

I mean seriously, if it’s the “where will this series go?” question that’s bothering the bigwigs…it’s real simple…you keep Tyra, Landry, Coach & Tami, Smash’s mom…and everyone else can move away.

Also in, I can’t wait for the strike to officially be over so we can get some more of The Office news, I hate myself for not being able to turn off One Tree Hill. Psycho nanny? Ugh. Just break Dan out of jail already. Jealous Lindsey? Grr. I liked Rachel better than her. Mouth?! Please. Skillz has been reduced to an old school TGIF ABC series cute kid sounding board. All that’s missing from his scenes is the “more you know” music. Lucas still has only two emotions. Hayley is completely one note, which is sad because she is capable of more. I don’t even care about this Q kid. I still love Peyton but for my own messed up reasons…which brings us down to Sophia Bush.

Even though Scooter laughed at me, I’ll explain why I contend that Sophia Bush is the best actor on that show. Now, granted, I’m not saying she would rock outside of Tree Hill, but if you take just that pool of actors, she’s by and far the best of them. Why? She takes what could easily be a one dimensional, easy punchline character and puts heart behind Brooke. She’s able to command more than 3 emotions, sometimes even at once and she manages to take her scenes with her former husband/boyfriend/fiance/who cares what they were guy and make them believable. And not have secret hate lurking behind her eyes. Hey, alright I’ll give you one more. I’d even be willing to put her up against half of the cast of Heroes on acting chops alone.

Oh April 4, can you come any faster? And will we get the rest of Battlestar Galactica this year? or have to wait another stupid year? It’s been so long…I need more Samuel Anders.

One response to “The One where Ben Silverman hates you

  1. you’re entirely right about sophia bush being the most talented actor on the show–and i think she has the drive to succeed outside the show.. as for why you like peyton? least you admit they’re messed up reasons! lol . i’ve been saying for YEARS that chad can’t act–two emotions.. that is it.

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