TV Ponderings: To Tivo or Not to Tivo

I guess I should talk about what I watched last week, since that was the point of me blogging this year. Ugly Betty is still pretty funny, though I’m not liking this less Henry/more Gio screen time situation. Bleck to Gio. Psych was good as usual. I’m a big fan of Juliet. I also love how every time Shawn enters a scene with Juliet in the room, he’ll interrupt whatever is being said to say “Hi Jules”. Friday Night Lights had so much Eric & Tami my head was swimming with joy. Though I do feel cheated out of the Matt/Landry love. I can’t remember what else I watched. Probably nothing. All I know is Chuck is back for two tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier.

The Terminator stuff is still on TiNo…and I’m thinking…I’m just going to delete it. I’ve never seen T2 or T3…and I dunno. It’s on Fox…it’s action based…what is the shelf life of this story really?

Meanwhile, this tv drought leaves me questioning my need for cable…..Most of the shows I watch can be streamed online. A few more downloaded through iTunes, which rocks now that I have a video mp3 player….I think I need to do a cost/benefit analysis of this…

How do you calculate the benefit of zooming past ads?


3 responses to “TV Ponderings: To Tivo or Not to Tivo

  1. Scooter McGavin

    I have to say I am pro ads. Some shows are better watched with them for pacing purposes even if that break is just fast forwarding through them. Then there are the shows that have mid-show cliff hangers and kind ruins it when it is resolved seconds later instead of minutes with ads. I wonder if I would have liked Alias more had I not marathoned episodes and watched week to week with the ads.

    And can you even play iTunes videos on non-iPod mp3 players? I was under the impression that the DRM was too restrictive and could only be played on iPod. I’ll have to try to put the videos I got from Unbox on my iPod.

    With that all said, if you do decide to buy from iTunes or Amazon for that matter) just so you know I get a whole nickel if you use one of my links to open up iTunes.

  2. Scooter McGavin

    That last paragraph wasn’t completely shameless was it? If so, sorry.

  3. Fridays now are the only times I turn on my tv, to watch Monk and Psych.

    I think I will Netflix Friday Night Lights. No commercials there.

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