Actually on TV!

There was so much TV! I barely had time to rewatch a bunch of Wonderfalls again. Seriously, can we get more of this cast on Pushing Daisies somehow? I’ll write up what I watched in the order I remember them.

Friday Night Lights– Julie is a spoiled brat and I’m glad Shelly is gone. Second Office reference for the series. Nice. But oh yeah, there better be repercussions for the Riggins heist.
30 Rock– I don’t mind them singing but it wasn’t explained well enough.
Grey’s Anatomy– What if we had a show that was only Bailey, Derrick, Sloan, Cally, Alex and bring back Addison?….Ok fine. And Christina.
Ugly Betty– I wasn’t feeling this episode. I miss Claire Meade and I’m little tired of Daniel’s woe is me bit.
Psych– “really close talking” Heee. If you’re missing the bantery goodness of GG, Psych is your answer, complete with random 80s and pineapple references.

Which leaves…One Tree Hill…I know, I know. I promised myself never to watch it again. To let the happy shot of them on the basketball court be the ending it needed. But, no show has ever skipped the jumpsharking college years…and there’s nothing else new on…and bust! My love of Peyton wins out again. So how has the show changed?…. Mouth can’t get no respect….Lucas wanders aimlessly…Peyton is both strong and crippled by fear at once…Brooke has zero reservations about life…Nathan is pouty and immature…aaaand Haley tries to keep it all together for love’s sake. So basically nothing has changed. At all. Except they added a kid to the mix, who sadly may out act a few of the people around him.

So with Cousin Oliver, I expect to be annoyed to large proportions, and hating myself once again for not turning it off.

On another ridiculous note, the strike hurts me in a way that doesn’t bother probably anyone over the age 12 or well anyone. But I really miss new episodes of The Batman. They had *just* gotten into the Justice League storylines. And I love watching Batman intellectually beat up on Superman, calm the Flash, and play chess with the Martian Manhunter.

Ugh, where’s more Chuck when you need it?


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