Juno and FNL

I’m interrupting this blog to mention there are HUGE Battlestar Galactica spoilers floating around the tubes today. I found it via Popcandy and let me just say…WOWZA. I’ve GOT to go buy that issue of EW today. I mean HUGE MAJOR clues about who’s NOT the last Cylon. April 4 will be here before you know it. You owe it to yourself to get caught up on BSG before then.

Two thoughts to amuse myself for today.

Saw Juno this weekend. Why? Blog peer pressure? 60%. But 40% is just my love of Jason Bateman. Yes it’s witty and has a Garden State like soundtrack. Actually I found this movie to be a weird blend between Garden State and say…Napoleon Dynamite. Overall great acting, clever dialogue, but it has this whole “I’m cooler than you” vibe that left me feeling a little eh. Oh and no one in high school, or college, or most people on a bell curve is as quick witted as Juno. But I am excited that the fashion people have started calling Ellen Page “Tomboy chic”. This cracks me up. Finally after all these years of dressing slobby, my style is fashionable.

Friday Night Lights
Random thoughts as follows:
1. Landry and Tyra. Throw those kids some awards.
2. Can Tami smack Julie again? Thanks.
3. FINALLY a Dr Pepper shout out!!!! So according to my personal check list, that leaves DQ and Texas A&M to be mentioned. Course, when that coach from that other school makes a cameo in the pilot, I may be waiting a while…
4. I know mentioning this is will be all kinds of wrong, but can we talk about how Gracie is not the cutest baby….I know, I know. The line starts here to throw stones.
5. Favorite unintentionally funny line ever: “I’ll have lasagna” Just go back and listen to the delivery. I had to pause to laugh.


2 responses to “Juno and FNL

  1. I cracked up at the lasagna line also especially later when he said “What was wrong with lasagna?” Also loved the hair sticking up in every direction after waking up. Can’t think of another show that shows what normal people’s hair looks like in the morning.

  2. New Medium episode tonight!!

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