One Season Wonders- DVD picks

I guess I wasn’t as prepared for the strike drought as I thought. Even though I could watch the chicken gun episode of Mythbusters every day and there’s a nice supply of older NCIS and Psych episodes I need to catch up on, I still feel the need to fill my void with DVDs. I’m still holding out on Lost. Next up on my list: My So Called Life. I like finding those one season wonder shows, the ones always listed when TV snobs lament over the brilliant but canceled. But I like to know what I’m getting into before I rent. So here are some of my picks and why.

Freaks & Geeks

Who Makes it: Ever heard of Judd Apatow or Paul Feig? Before all the blockbuster comedies, there was this gem of a series which got the axe from NBC. Notables from the cast include Linda Cardellini (ER), Jason Segal (HIMYM), James Franco (Spiderman films), Seth Rogen (all those Apatow films from 2007). You might even recognize a few recurring characters like Joanna Garcia or Lizzy Caplan. Course my favorite all time geek love is Bill Haverchuck (right).

What’s it about: High school in the 1980s, as seen from the geeks and the burn outs. Realistic dialogue and situations, hilarious acting all around. And Bill dances.


Who Made it: Joss. Whedon. Maybe you’ve never gotten into Buffy or Angel and you’re wondering why every squees over Whedon. Here’s your chance to find Serenity.

What’s it about: Don’t let the words “space western” deter you. That was my biggest hang up at first and I’ll even admit it took me four episodes before the love found me. But yes, it’s about this rebel space crew, led by Captain Malcolm Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and their adventures in piracy and mystery. There’s some action and a whole lot of humor. Oh and the series got a proper ending in the movie Serenity.


Who made it:
Oh just Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies), Todd Holland and Tim Minear. If you’re like me, probably the only cast member you’d recognize is Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies), but I have more than a few words about this cast. The first two being “brilliant” and “Canadian”. This is a rare show in that the entire cast can act well. Not one stinker. And you know. You’re thinking about some other brilliant shows that had amazing writing and acting but that one stinker character that needed to go on a permanent donut run…I really wish all of these actors found their way back to American TV but it turns out they are all big time Canadian film stars.

This is the show I can’t get out of my head.

What’s it about: Jaye Tyler’s fresh of college with a heart full of apathy and a dead end job. Her life was on a pleasant path to nowhere until inanimate objects in the shape of animals start talking to her. And they won’t stop talking until she does whatever they are demanding. Is it a divine force or just plain craziness? It’s left to your imagination but the show is so rich in humor and drama and a cute boy with puppy dog eyes.

If you’re familiar with Dead Like Me or Pushing Daisies, it’s kinda in between the two as far as style, story telling and character development. Mix George Lass’ apathy and forced actions mixed with the humor and romance of Daisies.

Okay maybe you’ve seen all of these and/or suggested these to me. So here’s a freebie: if you can watch the first four hours of Battlestar Galactica and you still don’t like it, then you’re released of my harassment. That is the 3 hour miniseries and the first episode of season one titled “33”.


One response to “One Season Wonders- DVD picks

  1. Scooter McGavin

    If you ever move into two season wonders, you should check out Sledge Hammer! (note: their exclamation point, not mine) Although keep in mind that I was in single digets of age when the show was on and don’t think I have seen an episode since it was orginally on, but even if it isn’t as good as I remember, it still has to be better than dudes singing kareoke and American Gladiators.

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