Week 13? I’m not ready for books.

I guess another week of TV went by? I wouldn’t know b/c nothing came on. Instead every night I sit down to the same dilemma. Two movies I’m not ready to watch and 7 hours of Planet Earth. Don’t get me wrong, I like Planet Earth but when it’s your only option, it’s time for DVDs.

First up this last week, was a Wonderfalls marathon. Simply Brilliant. Though I wonder if this show had been made on a cable station and not the ultimate TV hater Fox, if it might’ve lived longer. But the real question is: Why aren’t those actors on other TV shows now? Please Hollywood casting directors. While you’ve got some spare time, go up to Canada eh and snag some talent.

Then I began again on Alias Season 5. This was the year I didn’t get ABC and was too cheap for cable. I see now, that I didn’t miss much, save an appearance of Will Tippin and a whole episode of Spy Family. The blonde chick is boooring. And as much as I adore Amy Acker and find her extremely talented, I’m not buying her tough chick act.

So is there anything else I need to watch? My So Called Life? Finally get caught up on Lost? I’ve tried 24 and it just wasn’t my thing.

I’ve discovered one more thing. I’m in love with Great Britain. The country. And the people. The next 20 or so things in my Netflix queue are definitely British. A couple of movies, a Harry Potter extras, Robin Hood, and the rest of MI-5 that I missed.


One response to “Week 13? I’m not ready for books.

  1. I’m not sure if it is up your alley as something you need to watch, but I’ll be watching season one of The A-Team which I got for Christmas while waiting for watchable TV to come back.

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