Week 12 and almost out?

Once again, I have to go deep into the inner workings of my gray matter to remember what new TV I watched…

On the advice of Scooter McGavin, of 9th Green fame, I rented Wonderfalls on DVD. I have two more discs to go, but it is indeed another one of those Brilliant but canceled b/c Fox hates TV series. I’m definitely adding Bryan Fuller to my list of writers who I wonder what their specific damage is. Anyone that brilliant has some kind of damage…

How I met your Mother was new, and one of those running gags that’s not as funny in execution as in theory. Probably because it relied too much on Barney and not enough on Marshall and Lily. Pushing Daisies was also new and I get Peewee Herman and Alan Cumming mixed up easily. Both kinda creep me out. Because then I finally got around to watching Tin Man, which was exactly what all the reviews of it said. Great in theory, mediocre in execution, specifically uneven acting and lousy writing. The dialogue alone made it just another Sci Fi movie…which really makes me wonder how Battlestar Galactica is the outlier on that network.

Writing Props of the Week: Bryan Fuller, for Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies. All brilliant. All funny. All twisted. and all about death and the supernatural.
Acting Props of the Week: Lee Pace, b/c his hair on Wonderfalls is Halpert like.


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