TV: Week 11. Is there anything left?

Is it bad that I can’t really remember what I watched last week? Hmm let’s see…

There was the Heroes finale that was underwhelming, except for Elle realizing that hero is more fun than villain. Chuck concluded too and I will greatly miss it. Beauty & the Geek crowned Dave and Jasmine, which makes up for the twist that ruined the season. I’m over Private Practice, and I think it’s gonna get deleted real soon off the season pass list. 30 Rock always amuses me and Ugly Betty was great except it had too much Gio. Friday Night Lights has the most amazing actors on television right now. There’s a couple of questionable plot lines that could’ve easily demoted the show to soap except the actors kept it real. I’m looking at you, Landry and Tyra. And, three cheers to the producers of FNL who realize who their better actors are focusing on them unlike some other shows…

I also caught up on Psych and Samantha Who?, both of which are delightfully funny. Oh, I’m definitely changing up the Season Pass list tonight for sure.

Meanwhile, ABC Family needs to rethink the “family” label. No more holiday TV movies for me.

Acting Props of the Week: The Friday Night Lights cast.
Writing Props of the Week: Samantha Who?, who made a meta joke about amnesia being a plot device and handling said plot device so refreshingly new.


One response to “TV: Week 11. Is there anything left?

  1. I miss TV already. I won’t miss Gio.

    Psych and Monk were the only things I watched this week.

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