Week 10 and the pack thins

Chuck gets a pick up (yay!) and Life (which I’m going to check out sometime soon) too, but Bionic is not surprisingly missing from the list.

HIMYM: Eh. This show, like many others, does better when it doesn’t focus on one character.
Chuck: OOOh cliffhanger! Was anyone else weirded out by Bryce’s WIDE EYES through the whole thing. Does being nearly dead for a few months mean you can’t move your face into other emotions?
Heroes: Ugh, I hate the Cajun chick. If you have to ask why Clark Kent wears glasses, you don’t deserve a cool power. Plus, way to NOT plan ahead and learn some more kung fun before sneaking into a gang lair. Isn’t Micah supposed to be a genius? But no one was more annoying than Peter, who I would like to nominate as one of the Heroes that’s getting offed.

Beauty & The Geek: Finally America gets to choose. BOO for you wasting a week to tell us that.
The Unit– This was the creepy one with Molly’s dad right? I know probably most Unit viewers prefer the women’s storylines, but me, I like the shoot em up.

Bionic Woman– May you rest in oblivion.

30 Rock– So, so, so unbelievably funny.

Friday Night Lights– Hmmm does anyone else smell shark? Let’s hope not.

Writing Props of the Week: 30 Rock for the oedipal twist
Acting Props of the Week: Amy Adams for Enchanted which I saw last night. So not what I was expecting. The movie is a brilliant spoof on Disney fairy tales. Course McDreamy’s great and a surprise to me for not recognizing Idina Menzel without all the green makeup. I had many a hearty laugh to my friends’ chagrin.


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