Week 9

Slap, slap, slappy fun.
Chuck: Oh Sarah, you care! you care!
Heroes: I don’t care if it was just an hour of Kristen Bell staring at the rest of the cast, she makes the show so much better.

NCIS: I’d love to see Mini DiNozzo again. Let’s find a way eh?
The Unit: I love that the Unit has their own secret speak, like on The Sting.
Beauty & The Geek: Ugh. Sam’s totally going to win isn’t he?

Private Practice: Keiko Agena! Wait, as a nun? Oh, yeah that was the only interesting part.
Pushing Daisies: Hee wasn’t that guy on a sitcom with the Olsen twins?

Ugly Betty: Look! It’s Faith!
Grey’s Anatomy: And Oz! Gross with the giant splurt!
Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade: Ok I had several thoughts:
1) If this parade is the main exposure most Americans have to musical theater, no wonder it’s not received well…
2) What’s creepier than the Wiggles? The crocodile kid’s back up singers
3) Menudo? Seriously? And the Jonas Brothers are like Hansen but oddly not as girlie? Have we regressed 10 years musically? And more disturbingly, have I really reached the age where all boy banders are jailbait?
4) The cartoons represented further my resolve to closely monitor what my future kids watch. Old school Looney Tunes and Animaniacs only.
5) My alma mater is more the military band type, so can someone please explain to me the one random twirler in a marching band?
6) Are the giant balloons that expensive? Pikachu? Oy with the late 90s.
7) High School Musical has taken over the world. I suppose there could be worse things.
8) Care bears will always freak me out. Like in a Frank from Donnie Darko kinda way.

SNL Thanksgiving Special: Someday in 15 or so years, we’re going to get the Best of Kristen Wiig special and it will be two hours of bizarrely yet oddly hilarious characters that she does so well.
Battlestar Galactica Razor!! I give it a B. But man, it just reminds me all over again that there’s good tv and even great tv and on its own magnificent plane is BSG.

Writing Props of the Week:
Acting Props of the Week: The BSG cast, with an honorable mention for the chick from Chuck.


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