If you think you’re going to win a media spin war against the world’s most creative writers, then we know exactly the quality of crack you’re purchasing with their residual money.
United Hollywood

I’ve spent the last two weeks completely engrossed by the Writer’s Strike coverage. I can’t get enough. I have to remind myself that I am not a member of WGA and in the grand scheme of life, a few months without good TV is not a big deal to me personally.

Now, I consider myself a conservative independent, free market economist. On my wall hangs a business degree from a top conservative university. I’ve studied business. I’m annoyed by certain politicians and lime light lovers who show up every time free speech is utilized on a street corner. And I’m the very same person who would argue for days on why Wal-mart should continue to legally block their employees from forming a union. I also always search out both sides of argument. I do believe the majority of media is biased and that’s fine if more of them would just admit it.

All that to say, why I believe the writers are right is not based on the fact that I dream about being one of them.

The AMPTP already agreed to residuals way back when. So this fight is not about show creative industries receive residuals. This is really not even about increasing the cost of production because residuals are based on profits. Outside of entertainment, this is like a business that profit shares with their employees in the form of stocks.

The fact that the AMPTP refuses to acknowledge the Internet like broadcast TV is ridiculous. Plain and simple. There’s no way to spin greed. You would have to hire some pretty intelligent and creative people to spread your message of greed and well…if you need to find some, look outside your window.

The “we make no money” argument is beautifully funny. You should set up three cameras for that. Fine, the writer’s would still like their contracts to read a % of that zero amount. For good measure.

It makes me wonder and agree with one older writer (who is on a you tube clip from wgaamerica, but I couldn’t tell you which one), who thinks the producers forced the writers into a strike JUST to cause layoffs without looking suspicious. We’ll leave that to speculation.

Meanwhile, even when the producers do cave, I hope the guilds get together with the SEC and keep one eye on these jokers to make sure they stick to what they agree to. So far, this has been the most informative of the WGA clips:

Weeks like these, make me wish I could just drop everything and go to either coast and hang out. Maybe even gain some humor writing skills by osmosis. Because while they are walking in circles they are thinking of these types of hilarious retorts:

Stand strong, WGA.
Because anyone that makes Tina Fey mad, deserves a kick in the shins.


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