Week 8

Has anyone else noticed nearly every hour long has to have the obligatory 2 minute-newest pop hit-every character is so emotionally affected by our big plot twist- montage at the end of the show? Zzzzzz Yet another reason to have Tivo.

HIMYM: The funniest part was just listening to Marshall sing. I love Marshall
Big Bang: The more Sheldon and Penny fight, the funnier this show is going to get.
Chuck: AH! We cannot lose Chuck in the strike! Chuck must go on!
Heroes: Wait, did Veronica just kiss Jess?
Prison Break: I’d like an instant replay on the trajectory of Lincoln’s bullet. How did he hit the guy on that side of the head?

NCIS: “Love is never having to read her Miranda rights.” Heeeee
The Unit: Oy with the tears! TV deaths don’t bother me, but this broke me to pieces. This is as close to real life as TV can get. Shoot, I cry during the national anthem so I was no match for Superman Jonas.
Beauty & The Geek: Maybe it’s my hatred of Sam and his pretty boy self, but the beauty challenges are geared towards women. So far, Sam has had an advantage. They better not win. It’s about about Dave and Jasmine now.

Bionic Woman: Oy.
Private Practice: Between Pete and Christopher Hayden in a police uniform, mmm. But yikes with all the graphic labor….did not want to see that.
Pushing Daisies: Wow. So sometimes I take a little longer to fall in love than most. You had me at Joel McHale and sealed the deal by using the Midwest America set on the back lot of Warner Bros in Burbank. You know, that little town affectionally known around the blogs as Stars Hollow, CT.

The Office
: I loved Toby’s giggle and Michael having to suck it up and sit by him in the cafeteria. You will be missed Dunder Mifflin.
30 Rock
: I love how Tina Fey takes product placement and blasts it into hilarious oblivion. Meanwhile, who doesn’t love Edie Falco, really?? or random SNL cast popping up. Has Poehler or Meyers been on yet?
Grey’s Anatomy: I hate that I know love Sloane and am annoyed by Callie. I wish this show was Bailey’s Anatomy though…
Ugly Betty: I love Judith Light. She is so great as Claire Meade. I hope going back to jail doesn’t limit her time.

Friday Night Lights– How much do I love Mama Williams? Seriously.

Writing Props of the Week: the WGA for standing together
Acting Props of the Week: Joel McHale.


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