Nice [/kevin]

Well howdy do there. Look who’s been invited to sit at the cool kid’s table!

Scooter McGavin’s 9th Green: The Best New Shows of 2007

Specifically though, this is copied and pasted from the email I returned to Scooter:

1. Chuck- b/c I think it has the most staying power of all the new shows
2. Pushing Daisies- there's still something about this show that bothers
me and I can't form words as to why
3. The Big Bang Theory- the best new broad comedy and currently funnier
than HIMYM
4. Private Practice- eh, it's kinda soapy but it's light enough you can do
other things while it's on
5. Bionic Woman- serious plot issues but I still have hope for a turn
around...and it does have its cool moments.


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